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Tips for pink lip:

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2 ounces honey+ 3 ounces Almond Oil+ 1 ounce Jojoba Oil+ 20 drops Wheatgerm oil+ 20 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
Heat the Almond and Jojoba oil in a saucepan and add honey.
Allow it to cool, if it's too thick, add more Almond oil and reheat, too thin, add more honey. If you want a thin consistency, add a lit amount of honey.

The post is very good.

Those tips really nice i will definitely gone suggest this to my gf...

Nice tips to get nice pink lips. Lip enhancement treatment is also available to get fuller lips. By using dermal fillers you can get the plumper lips and it also reduces the wrinkles near lips. It is a non-surgical treatment so it you can think of it to get a youthful look. I recently had this treatment from Lakeview OMS Med Spa at Chicago and the results are really good.

To get a perfect pink lips you can make a home made lip balm with the help of essential oil. The beeswax and essential oil recipe will help you get a perfect lips. This will not only make your lip pink but also nourish your lips.


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