Author Topic: 9 Tips to get flat Tummy...!!!  (Read 3395 times)


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9 Tips to get flat Tummy...!!!
« on: June 05, 2013, 11:59:48 PM »
1. Drink a glass of water before eating

2. Never skip breakfast

3. Eat 5 meals a day.Eat slowly

4. Avoid sweets

5. Enrich your diet with fruits, veggies and fiber

6. Reduce alcohol consumption, smoking, fast food, salt..

7. Drink plenty of water

8. Get 7 - 8 hours of sleep everyday

9. Do exercise


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Re: 9 Tips to get flat Tummy...!!!
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2013, 11:18:39 AM »
Good tips to get rid of the belly fat.
Do focus on outdoor cardio exercises and organic fat burning diet plan to lose your belly fat.
Green tea, citrus fruits juices, and fish oil work more effectively to burn the belly fat.

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Re: 9 Tips to get flat Tummy...!!!
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2014, 03:55:34 PM »
Thanks these are good tips for the fat reduction. One natural supplement that  curb fat and build muscles with energy is HGH energizer plus.It is a supplement that can improve your overall health in  just a few steps.


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Re: 9 Tips to get flat Tummy...!!!
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2015, 12:24:51 PM »

1. The first step to reduce weight is to know and tell yourself how much you need to reduce.
2. Use brown rice instead of white – Not only does brown rice have fewer calories, it also has more fiber which makes you feel fuller for longer. Brown rice also retains the bran which helps lower cholesterol levels.
3. Never starve to lose weight – If you go on a strict no-food or a reduced food diet, your body thinks you are starving and tries to save calories instead of burning them. Eat ‘negative calorie’ foods which actually have very less calories.
4. Alcohol is weight loss’s worst enemy – Not only does it add unnecessary calories because it is a drink and you do not realize how much you are consuming, it can also damage your exercise plans the morning after. So, stay away from alcohol or even mocktails with high sugar content. Fresh lime soda with no sugar or just plain lime juice is your best bet. Vegetable juices are also available in most places these days.
5. Whenever you feel hungry in between meals, drink water – Most of the time, when we ‘feel’ hungry, it is really just thirst and our body craving for something. Filling it up with water can help beat the hunger pangs.
6. Workout in the morning – Before you get involved in the day-to-day humdrum, go for your workout or jog. It is a time when you are fresh and charged after a long night of sleep and is the best to workout.
7. Eat a heavy breakfast – Most people end up skipping breakfast to lose weight. But this is the worst thing they could do. Traditional south Indian dishes like idlis, dosas, upma, etc. are great options. Avoid sweetened cornflakes and muesli. Here are some healthy breakfast recipes.
8. Exercise for at least 45 minutes a day – Studies have shown that this is the optimal time to exercise. Yoga, aerobics, weight training, swimming, zumba or any other form will do. But 45 minutes is key to weight loss.
9. Reduce intake of red meat like mutton and beef – Stick to chicken instead. It contains lots of proteins and can fill you up for longer. If you are working out in the gym, it can be a great way to fuel up. Fish also is a healthier option as it has the good fats. Try turkey. It has lesser calories than chicken.

for additional information please visite the site:


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