Author Topic: Bronchitis-Acute Bronchitis-Chronic Bronchitis  (Read 1203 times)


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Bronchitis-Acute Bronchitis-Chronic Bronchitis
« on: March 08, 2013, 03:18:40 PM »
Bronchitis is inflammation or swelling of the bronchial tubes (bronchi), the air passages between the nose and the lungs. More specifically,
bronchitis is when the lining of the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed or infected.
Bronchitis is caused by viruses, bacteria, and other particles that irritate the bronchial tubes.

Acute bronchitis is usually caused by a viral infection in the bronchi - often the same viruses that causes cold and flu.
Bronchitis is actually part of the immune response to fighting against the infection, since additional swelling occurs in the bronchial
tubes as the immune system's actions generate mucus. In addition to viruses, bacteria, exposure to tobacco smoke, exposure to
pollutants or solvents, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can also cause acute bronchitis.

Chronic bronchitis is most commonly caused by cigarette smoking. However, it can also be the result of continuous attacks of
acute bronchitis. Air pollution, dust, toxic gases, and other industrial fumes are known to be responsible for the condition.