Author Topic: Health Benefits of Jackfruit:  (Read 1465 times)


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Health Benefits of Jackfruit:
« on: March 12, 2013, 09:47:49 AM »
1)Strengthen Immune System
Jackfruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, a powerful nutrient which helps protect against viral and bacterial infections.
2)Maintain a Healthy Eye and Skin
Jackfruit contains vitamin A, a powerful nutrient which known to maintain a healthy eye and skin.
3)Boost Energy
Jackfruit is considered as an energy generating fruit due to the presence of simple sugars like fructose and sucrose which give you an almost immediate energy boost.
4)Lower High Blood Pressure
Potassium contain in Jackfruit has been found to be helpful in lowering blood pressure and thus reducing the risk of heart attack.
5)Control Asthma
Boiling the jackfruit root and its extract has been found to control asthma.
6)Strengthen the Bone
Jackfruit is rich in magnesium, which helps the absorption of calcium calcium and prevent bone related disorders such as osteoporosis.
7)Prevent Anemia
Jackfruit also contains iron which helps to prevent anemia and also helps in proper blood circulation in our body.
8)Maintain a Healthy Thyroid
Jackfruit is loaded with copper which plays an important role in the thyroid metabolism.


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Re: Health Benefits of Jackfruit:
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2013, 12:13:21 PM »
Those points are superb and frankly speaking i don't know the benefits of jackfruits  :-\
But thanks... :)