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Back pain..
« on: December 06, 2011, 03:21:44 AM »
Hi I am 27 and i have severe back pain from age 19 and getting worse after my first delivery,and more worse after the second delivery..In my child age(at year 10) i fell down from a height chair,hitting my back( lower vertex),that time i was ok after 2 hours.when i grown up the real problem started at the same place(vertex).I have consulted a doctor he prescribed some medicines to lower the pain.It will decrease the pain whenever i have the medicine(pain killer).Again i consulted the doctor he said the other way is injection in the back to reduce the pain,And he asked me to buy an air cushion to sit.But i need to take with me where ever i go,and fill the air and sit.its good but its too difficult to hand wherever i go.please share if u have any experience ..i am still suffering with that,couldn't sit for a long time in any place without using the air cushion.Is any other way to reduce the back pain?