Author Topic: Tips for parents to raise your child eat healthy  (Read 3457 times)


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Tips for parents to raise your child eat healthy
« on: December 06, 2011, 07:12:37 AM »
Here are some tips which will help you encourage your kids to eat and maintain health:
-Do not allow your kids to buy which food in house.You can buy your kids favourite food once in a while,not always,so they dont feel unhappy.
-Let the kids choose what to eat from the food you offer.
- When they feel they've had enough,let them stop eating,don't force.
-Start offering variety of food from early childhood, so that they can develop different types of food tastes and preferences early.
-When you go out let your kids decide which food to eat, don't force them to order specific kids food,Or let them to try your food a little.
-Water,milk and juice are the best drinks for kids.Try to avoid soda and other sweet drinks.
-You can practice giving chocolate/dessert/ice cream as a prize for having the lunch/dinner.
-Try to teach good eating habits,choosing nutritous food etc.Be a role model to them always.
-Limit watching TV and Computer.