Author Topic: RABIES: Deadly disease,but preventable.  (Read 7738 times)


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RABIES: Deadly disease,but preventable.
« on: June 21, 2012, 10:09:38 AM »
Remember:Rabies is a deadly disease but it is preventable through wound care, correct use of vaccines and sera. Incorrect/wrong treatment to animal bite victims may lead to rabies death and litigation.It is very important also to get information about the biting animal.Healthy, pet and regularly vaccinated dog/cat (low risk category),doubtful or not done (moderate risk category),Sick, died, stray or wild animals (high risk category).
The signs of rabies in the animals are:
*Any change in its normal behaviour .
*Running aimlessly and attacking others without any provocation.
*Becomes too drowsy and withdraws itself to a corner.
*Excessive salivation.
*Change in its voice/bark.
*Refusal to feed or eating unusual objects like stone, paper, wood, metal pieces, etc.
*Death of the animal.
When get wound do these things:
**Wash (atleast 10 minutes) & clean all wounds with a detergent or any soap 10 minutes.
**Apply any household antiseptic like Dettol, Savlon, and Povidone iodine.If not available try alcoholic Rum, Whisky, after-shave lotion may be applied.
**Do not Bandage or dress the wound,use tincture iodine and suture the wound.
**Do not apply any local applicants like turmeric, neem, red chilli, lime, plant juices, coffee powder, coin, etc. as these will act as irritants and propel the virus in the wound deeper to cause nerve infection and result in  rabies encephalitis and death.
**Reach a nearby hospital as soon as possible.

rachel Clark

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Re: RABIES: Deadly disease,but preventable.
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Good info Thanks for sharing :)