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Contact lens: care tips
« on: September 04, 2012, 07:19:40 AM »
1)Avoid wearing contact lenses while swimming as there are bacteria in the water that can cause infections. Wear goggles when you swim and disinfect after that.

2)Never share your contact lenses with anyone as it may cause an eye infection.

3)Clean the lenses by rinsing them with the solution and not rub the lenses to remove dirt and protein deposits.

4)Always store it in a sterile carrying case filled with fresh solution, which ensures the lenses remain moist and clean.

5)Do not use contact lenses longer than the recomm time. This may increase the risk of eye infections.

6)Should wear sunglasses even if you have UV protected contact lenses. UV Contact lenses will protect the part of your eye that it covers.

7)Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before removing contact lenses.

8)Sleeping with your contact lenses in your eyes can cause damage and discomfort.

9)Keep a pair of spare (back-up) eyeglasses - even if you wear your contacts all the time.

10)Avoid wearing coloured contact lenses as they can cause conjunctivitis, corneal oedema, allergic reactions, corneal abrasions and vision reduction.

11)Always buy contact lenses from a reputable manufacturer and follow the rules and instructions from a recommended manufacturer and the doctor.

12)Always consult a doctor if there is any eye redness or irritation.

13)Insert contact lens before applying eye makeup and remove lenses before removing the makeup.

14)The lens solutions must be recommended by a doctor. Keep the tip of the lens solution bottles clean and never use expired solutions.

15)Never use saliva, strange soaps, and un-sterilised water or solutions to clean the lenses.