Author Topic: AC - Being in an AC room makes your eyes dry?  (Read 6650 times)


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AC - Being in an AC room makes your eyes dry?
« on: July 04, 2012, 08:13:57 AM »
It is a fact that AC can make our eyes DRY,if the AC blower is directed to the face(in the car also).Car AC directed to the face cause the eye to become dry. Dry eye causes strain, sore eyes, glare, and decreased clarity and driving becomes a strain. So, keep the AC blower of your car away from your face. And washing the eyes with water only makes it still worse.
To minimize the problem
- Blink our eyes frequently. Each blink brings more new tears to our eyes
 - Avoid AC blowing directly to the face
 - Use a moisturizing eye drop (artificial tears)
 - Avoid washing the eye
 - Control the humidity of the AC
 - Avoid over-wearing contact lenses as they make the eye more dry
 - Follow the basic rules of computer use.