Author Topic: Pre-term babies are more likely to have bahavioural problems??  (Read 2522 times)


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My 4 yrs 3 months old son is not behaving or concentrating in the class.He always wants to play.When he is at home he is ok with us.But his teachers are complaining about his behavioural pblm.He won't do when his teacher ask him to do something.Really i am fed up of hearing this complaint.
I heard that preterm babies are more likely to have behavioural problems.Is it true.? He was born at 27 weeks and spent almost 8 weeks in the NICU. Is preterm children have considerably higher risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder??He is not paying attention to the teacher.Is this happening because of this?? Anybody have a preterm born in between 26 and 27 weeks?If so how they are behaving in the class and what about his concentration power??please tell me what to do?