Author Topic: How is diabetes do not affect me .  (Read 1664 times)


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How is diabetes do not affect me .
« on: June 01, 2014, 03:25:34 AM »
        Today I share my diabetes . Infection causes again I have a few other diseases is high blood and high cholesterol by designated food , I feed like gestational diabetes . Employment time and I always tired . I have also cure many places but no positive effect and very lucky for me , 7 months ago grandchildren directional selling drugs in the target . is the home of the person you invited me to hear the introduction of products to protect the health of corporations nuskin manufactured in factories in UTAH-USA (Company nuskin ads, not advertised. The product is used from patient to others and share. Anti-aging products for everyone. perennial disease, chronic sick, sick body, perennial pain, malnutrition, as many older toxins in the liver, heart, lung, intestine, skin as much.) .
        I know most of the diabetic patients without insulin type diabetes . Diabetes is a problem cells excepts the insulin cells do not because it needs to make a mineral that occurs when minerals it is possible to use cell lines . The amount of insulin in the blood can cause cell damage as you can see in the toes , fingers , sores that do not heal , and blindness.
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 if people with diabetes and high blood pressure are just
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to stabilize the blood pressure began to use VITALITY from low to high ( eg
the first week of use 2c / day , 2 weeks used 3c / day , 3 weeks using 4c/
day ).
I bought functional foods according to her knowledge . I constantly use this disease to improve my health better , no discomfort, appetite , sleep sleep , mental comfort.