Author Topic: How to avoid catching a cold?what are the symptoms and treatments?  (Read 13917 times)


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Cold (Common Cold) is a viral disease that can affect the mucus membrane of the nose.There are 100 different viruses that can result in cold.
Symptoms are:

2)Sore throat
5)Hard to breathe through the nose,swelling of the nose
6)Running nose,watery like secretions,gradually becomes thick yellow
7)Aching in the ear
8)High temperature
It is most commonly seen in cold winter months.And most people will catch cold atleast 3 to 4 times in a year.

How to avoid catching a cold :

1)Stay away from people with cold.
2)Wash your hands thoroughly, if you are in contact with any person having cold.
3)Avoid crowed places where the chances of getting cold is high.

How to treat a cold :

1)Since an ordinary cold is caused by a virus there is no effective way to treat the cold,and usually it will go away quickly after 1 or 2 weeks.
2)Drink plenty of water,especially warm water
3)Steam inhalations will help to loosen the mucus,blocked nose,chesty cough.This is applicable in children with an adult
4)For young babies use Saline nasal drops,which helps to thin and clear nasal secretions.
5)If has fever use paracetamol/ibuprofen which helps to relieve from pain and temperature.
6)If have cough give simple medicines contain glycerol,Honey or lemon.
7)Avoid cold and cough syrups(counter medicines) children under 6 years of age which may cause side effects in children.If urgent get advice from a doctor/consult a doctor.