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Hemophilia : It is an inherited bleeding disorder in which it takes a long time for the blood to clot.Hemophilia is caused by a lack of enough blood coagulation factors VIII or IX. In most cases, it is inherited through families. It affects males mostly.There is no known cure in this disease.
Many people with hemophilia are able to lead pretty normal lives. However, some patients have major bleeding events, mostly bleeding into the joint spaces is common.A small % of people with hemophilia may die from severe bleeding.

It is diagnosed after a person has an abnormal bleeding or when there is a known family history .

The main symptom of hemophilia is bleeding. In more severe cases, serious bleeding may occur without any cause.
Internal bleeding may occur anywhere.
-Intracranial hemorrhage
-Bruises easily
-Prolonged nosebleeds
-Painful swollen joints
In some cases we may notice in later life, when they occur during surgery/after trauma.

-Treatment involves replacing the missing clotting factor(factor Vlll, Classic and Type A) through a vein (intravenous infusions).
-Avoid injury and mediciness that cause bleeding
-Good dental hygeine
Diagnosing a bleeding disorder is important so that the doctor can take extra care if you need surgery, and can test or warn other family members who might be affected.