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Myths and Facts About Breast Cancer
« on: June 05, 2013, 05:27:44 AM »
There are many myths about cancer that cause a lot of confusion which leads us to question what is true and to be believed and what should be ignored. If you come across any questions, you can address these issues to any doctor or health care professional.

Only women get breast cancer ?
Men too get breast cancer. According to statistics male breast cancer occurs in approx. 1 in 1 lakh.

Breast cancer is almost always fatal ?
Yes, breast cancer can cause death. But medical advancements have helped in the treatment of cancer. If detected early, breast cancer is definitely curable.

Positive attitude can cure breast cancer ?
There is no scientific proof suggesting that a positive attitude is adequate treatment for breast cancer. However, a positive attitude is important because it gives you a better perspective of the disease and helps you to lead a good quality life. Having a positive attitude will help you make goals, plan your life, and be more engaged in your treatment.

Surgery causes breast cancer to spread throughout the body ?
Treating breast cancer with surgery does not cause it to spread throughout the body. Surgery removes the malignant lump. At times, all the cancer cells cannot be removed with surgery, as they may be too small to detect. Thus surgery is followed by chemotherapy or radiation to ensure that any remaining cancer cells are destroyed. Surgery is an important part of treatment in some cases.

Breast cancer is always painful ?
Breast cancer is not always painful; but there may be painful episodes. Most cancers in the early stages, however, do not cause pain. Many times, because of painless lumps, women tend to ignore the possibility that they may have breast cancer.

Cancer is contagious ?
No type of cancer is contagious. However, certain viruses such as HPV or Hepatitis C virus are contagious and can cause cancer.

All information sources are accurate ?
All information sources are NOT accurate. It is important that you go to reliable source of information. Please consult your physician or counselor and ask them to refer you to accurate sources of information.

All lumps are cancerous ?
All lumps are not cancerous. There are certain lumps that are benign. Once a lump is detected, it is very important that you get it checked by a doctor and get appropriate tests conducted. Whether a lump is malignant can be determined only after tests.

If parents have cancer, their children will definitely get cancer ?
If any parent or first-degree relative has cancer, there is a no guarantee that the child will develop cancer too. Some cancers such as breast, ovarian, and colon cancer are genetic. However, it does not definitely mean that one will develop any of these cancers. Having a genetic history of cancer only increases the chance or likelihood of risk.

Wearing antiperspirants and deodorant can cause breast cancer ?
According to various studies there is no conclusive evidence that wearing deodorant or antiperspirant can cause breast cancer. This cancer myth is by far one of the most popular among women.