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Lung cancer - 5 ways to prevent
« on: May 17, 2012, 11:53:34 AM »
It is possible to prevent lung cancer people who wanted to improve their health.Here i give 5 tips to avoid lung cancer.

1)Quit Smoking :- Nicotine is a drug that once you smoke more than enough, you can get addicted for life.
2)Secondhand smoke is one of the most deadly forms to die from cancer for people. It can cause Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS) and other health problems for people.Smokes that are coming from a pipe, cigar or cigarette have over 60 carcinogens which cause cancer cells to form.
3)Eat fruits and vegetables in order to prolong your life since the antioxidants are beneficial to consume especially if you do smoke. Antioxidants and flavoroids help repair and protect your damage DNA cell. Watch out for beta carotene since it is not a good idea to combine beta carotene with heavy use of tobacco. Do not take any beta carotene supplement if you smoke heavily.
4)Exercise daily. It is important to get some on a daily basis, that will help you by having stronger lungs for the mind and body.
5)The indoor and outdoor pollution can cause some lung cancer to exist in the body. For example, smog, dusts and chemicals are known to cause some carcinogen to form in the body.


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Re: Lung cancer - 5 ways to prevent
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2012, 12:25:58 PM »
Yes,Cancer of any kind is very dangerous but what is more deadly is the ignorance of the disease.Prevention is always better than cure.
Besides that

•Proof your house against RADON- Radon is nothing but disintegrated uranium. It is mainly a form of gas that has virtually no identifying characteristics. Building homes over uranium deposits can lead to lung cancer.

•CHEMO PREVENTION- This is a new age of detecting cancer and preventing its growth before it is too late. This method usually applies the principles of chemotherapy to reduce or prevent cancer.

•REDUCE ALCOHOL- If you like indulging in alcohol occasionally; make sure it is within the limit. If the person is a man he may limit himself to two drinks per day. If the person is a woman, she should restrict herself to one drink per day.

•AVOID CANCER CAUSING AGENTS- There are carcinogens everywhere. People need to be aware of the substances they are inhaling. Pollutants such as arsenic, gasoline, diesel exhaust, nickel chromates and so on are agents that cause lung cancer.

•TAKE IN BETS-CAROTENES- Cartenoid compounds are rich in fruits and vegetables such as melons, sweet potatoes, peaches, green leafy vegetables and so on. However, people are advised to avoid beta-carotenes supplements