Author Topic: How are cancer cells different from normal cells?  (Read 1556 times)


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How are cancer cells different from normal cells?
« on: October 12, 2012, 01:03:47 AM »
Cancer cells grow faster than the normal cells at abnormal rates by invading the surrounding cells. They can self-nourish by growing extra blood vessels around them.4. They can freely move to other parts of the body.They become ‘immortal’,by preventing normal cells from dying(apoptosis), thus causing disturbances in our body.
when our body’s immunity is low due to poor nutrition, diseases like TB, AIDS and the cancer cells emerge continuing to grow.There are some factors which we need to be aware of.

Intrinsic factors:
Ageing: Most cancer patients are above 65. As we grow older our cells lose their ability to regenerate and we become more susceptible to cancer.

Lack of physical activity: People who do not have enough physical activity/overweight may be at increased risk of several types of cancers.

Hereditary: Most cancers develop because of mutations in our genes. Very rarely some cancers like melanoma and breast, ovary, prostate and colon cancer can be passed on (hereditary).

Hormones: Sometimes a hormonal imbalance can cause cancer. Studies have shown that women who take estrogen,oral contraceptives for various hormonal therapies maybe prone to cancer.

Extrinsic factors are:
Tobacco: Tar and nicotine in the cigarette(cigars,pipe), tobacco(chewing) can cause pre-cancerous conditions as well as full-blown cancer.

Ionizing radiation: Exposing to radioactive minerals,X-rays,nuclear power plants,radon gas  can cause cell damage and leads to cancer.

Pollutants: Exposing to various carcinogens such as solvents in paint removers, grease removers, paint thinners, dry cleaning, Dioxins( by-products of paper bleaching, smelting,and waste incineration) may leads to cancer.

Alcohol: If you are a smoker who drinks heavily the risk of developing cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, larynx,liver, and breast is very high.

Virus and Bacteria: Some forms of bacteria and virus such as  HPV (Human papilloma virus), HIV and some other forms of bacteria and virus make the human body more susceptible to pre-cancerous conditions or cause cancer.

Medication: Some chemotherapy drugs(to treat cancer) may increase the risk of second cancers later in life. Drugs used to suppress the immune system in patients receiving organ transplants are also associated with increased risk of cancer, particularly lymphoma.

Diet: Studies shown that people consuming large quantities of red meat, preserved meats, salt-preserved meats and salt probably have an
increased risk of cancers of the stomach, colon, uterus and prostate.

Unsafe sex: – Practicing unsafe sex can increase your risk of developing  HPV. HPV increases your risk factor for cervical, anal, vulvar and vaginal cancer. Syphilis a common STD too can lead to development of pre-cancerous conditions.

Sunlight: UV radiation in sunlight from the sun, sunlamps or tanning booth scan cause skin cancer.

We should keep in mind that scientists,doctors and researchers are still not sure of the exact cause of cancer. If they did we’d have a cure by now.