Author Topic: Early warning,symptoms of cancer  (Read 6861 times)


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Early warning,symptoms of cancer
« on: May 03, 2012, 11:31:13 AM »
This is not a complete listing of symptoms.Consult your physician if you experience any unusual symptoms.
Leukemia:-Paleness, fatigue, weight loss, repeated infections, nosebleeds, bone or joint pain are possible warning signs of Leukemia.
Lung:-A persistent cough, sputum with blood,heavy chest pain.
Breast:- Lump or thickening of lumps, itching, redness or soreness of the nipples which isn't caused by pregnancy, breast feeding or menstruation.
Stomach:- Vomiting blood or experiencing frequent indigestion and pain after eating, weight loss may indicate stomach cancer.
Skin:-If you have moles that change color, size, or appearance, or flat sores, a tumor or lump under the skin that resembles a wart or an ulceration that never heals.
Ovarian:- Unfortunately there are often no symptoms until it's in the later stages of development.
Mouth and Throat:- Any chronic ulcer (sore) of the mouth, tongue or throat which doesn't heal, or white areas in the mouth.
Colon:- Rectal bleeding, blood in your stool or changes in bowel habits such as persistent diarrhea and or constipation.
Bladder and Kidney:- Blood in urine, have pain or burning, and increased urination.
Laryngeal:- A persistent cough or a hoarse throat are possible signs.
Lymphoma:- Enlarged, rubbery lymph nodes, itchy skin, night sweats, unexplained fever and weight loss indicate possible Lymphoma.
Pancreas:- Usually there are no symptoms until it's progressed to the later stages.You may notice jaundiced skin, deep pain in the stomach or back.